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Here's a question for ya 407,

Why is it that Alpine didn't seem to enjoy the Astars like the rest of the civilized world?

Did they have bad luck with them or was it just a question of simplicity keeping the the whole fleet Bell products? Shouldn't have had any problems maintenance wise with an Astar guru like Rob Aman in Canmore, so what was it?

God knows they the 407's had their share of problems :D:D:D

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Sorry 407, I was just trying to get a rise out of you as you seem to be a 407 fan and I detest most Bell products (at least the ones I have to work on :D:D )

I know it's an endless debate: Astars or Bells :up:

I shouldn't start something I can't finish :shock:


Incidently, how is Mr Aman doing anyways, last time I saw him was at his send off party at Canadian many many years ago!!!

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