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Emergency Food Rations


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Hi Heli-world!


According to Transport Canada, do you know how many calories per person an emergency kit is supposed to carry? I am looking to purchase food rations and I am unsure as to what the proper amount is. Also what brands are there? So far I have seen S.O.S Food Rations and Datrex.


Thanks a bunch!

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CARs is pretty vague:




However, here's an interesting link that includes the old regulations:




Apparently, ration requirements used to be 10,000 calories per person. Seems as though most kits include food for five days per person, which makes sense (about 2,000 calories/day x 5 days = 10,000).

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When CAR's came into effect many standards were changed to mesh with international requirements which included watering down the survival kit requirements. The requirements that 'Lunchbox' points out are it. Survival rations may no longer be a requirement but it may be a very wise thing to bring along..........

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