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Vortex Ring State Versus Settling With Power.

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'Spike knock'.........could that be what happened when Allouette II's from the French Navy landed on the decks of their Aircraft Carriers in a heaving sea. S.O.P. was to come to a hover approximately 100' above the heaving deck and then 'bottom' the collective to land SOLIDLY on that heaving deck......and this I've seen on video many years ago. I believe that landing would 'knock' someone's 'spike'.......specially if they were from the maintenance side. :lol::lol:

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No offense, but you were taught wrong.


Interesting thread however.




note. 06 helimans location is USA. And in USA they do teach that they are the same thing. I have no idea why there would not be agreement and so far as I know USA is the only

country that embraces this notion.


They got their own way to rock and that's why we love em.

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Deuce .........things might have changed in the interim, but I was taught the same as you were about both of these subjects when I took R/W training with the American military. Perhaps there's a new way of thinking nowadays, but as I remember the only difference between both countries at that time was in F/W IFR and that had to do with the shape of the 'Holding Patterns'........one was 'race track' and the other wasn't, but even that wasn't a big deal.

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