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Atlantic AME Conference - May 1-2-3 St-John''s NFLD


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So come on Biggs, what is happening man..............


long way from the motherland and feel a little alone,


any good ''''stories'''' yet


how is the flipper pie?


Hvychp.....place still running ok without my routine visit to the your office for my daily dose of AME vs Pilot harassment

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Stay cool now and don''t let that little burner get to hot.


I have not yet mastered the art of drinking and typing at the same time, anyway I couldn''t find the keyboard or whatever.


Oh, by the way I had a drink with Biggles Thursday night only neither one of us knew it.


Have fun in the motherland see ya next week.



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Hey Hvychop, ya just gotta pm me with the details.  I don't recall who was around the table/bar whatever Thursday night!


Mr Louie, where in the heck were you?


Now now RDM, sorry for keeping you hanging, didn't bring my laptop!  Anyway, here's a brief summary of my adventures in Nfld!  Had an amazing time, laughed enough to keep me going for the next 6 months!  Spent 5 days eating and drinking!  Ate plenty of cod, cod tongues, cod cheeks, scallops, more cod, schrunchions, crab, and various fish.  Bevys, well, the usual fine wine, beer (lots of), but mostly or mainly scotch!  In fact, the island might very well be quite low on scotch (even the bar at the hotal ran out! and so did Dooley's on George Str!)  Had a great time meeting new buddies and reuniting with old buddies that I hadn't seen in years.  BUT, BUT, the highlight is I was made officially a member of the Royal Order of Screechers!  Yup, I am now one of them!  Did the ceremonial doodas, kissed a cod fish, put back a few shots of Screech and voila!  ****, beats a Harvard dipl. hands down!  Though it will take me months to recoop on sleep because of all this, its was worth every sec.!


Glad to see the ugly MSS is among us - would like to see him kiss a cod, poor cod, he'd probably want to down a whole bottle of screech!


Ok, thats it for tonight,  but dang Hvychop, still can't remember or figure you out!

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