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Im Getting Dummer By The Day

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Hi Chuck...glad to see someone in the aeronut world has the balls to say "**** NO" when safety is a concern. From the crappy lack of airmanship I've been seeing lately, someone isn't doing a very good job of teaching the kids the finer points of airmanship...or driving an aeroplane either.


You've been off line for solong, I thought that some honey had finally "laid" you to rest.


Welcome back old dog



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So, 'Old Dog,' haven't you noticed the difference in truck drivers, cab drivers, etc., etc. ..... well, I'm sure you get the point. I'm pretty damned sure it's not that the 'old dogs' aren't passing on the lore, as before, it's just that too few of the receivers are turned on. <_<


C.W. I know it's not at all a new milieu to you that you're playing in but, in this day and age, I've got to believe it's as important to get the 'out of pocket' stuff paid up front as it is to stand up for the principles on safety. And, if they're reluctant, as the man keeps saying, "I was looking for a job when I found this one." B)

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Downwash :


Yeh, we are very careful to get money upfront, and we did on this one.


But with the amount of work to get that airplane ready for flight after having being parked outside in the elements for eight years we had to hire several other people to get the work done and the money problem just kept slipping sideways.


That was one of the reasons I went over when I did to try and get the problems sorted out.


My best guess is the owner ran out of money and was desperate to get the machine to Israel to collect from the Isrealis regardless of how many corners needed to be cut.


Anyhow we have worked together for a long time and we know when enough is enough.


Hopefully Boeing is involved ( the helicopter division ) because I doubt that Boeing would want any connection with a shaky deal.


Then again maybe the Israelis may back out of the deal and then we are really stuck......


I met one of the Israeli Airforce Generals who was there when I arrived and we had some good discussions, he asked me if I would train them on the PBY after we delivered it and I said sure, but I want to fly one of the Apache helicopters that will be escorting us from Crete to Tel Aviv.............he said **** thats no problem........then my little mercenary heart just started to beat faster anticipating getting my hooks around the controls of an Apache helicopter ...I wonder if they would let me fire some of the rockets and guns on the thing..........


I sure hope we do deliver it, I want so bad to fly something real different...........


Rev. Chas W.

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Chuck -


Sorry about the email I sent ya, looks like I was "behind the power curve" as well...


I also think you made a good decision (now that I read what happened). This is the kind of thing that rookie pilots can get into trouble with, good of you to post the details. Hopefully it will make the difference for at least one pilot when it comes to standing behind a decicion to say NO!

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I try very hard to impress on new students, the importance of maintaining their integrity and protecting their ***-ets, but I get them when they are paying me. I think the pressure is greater when they are pushed by those who are paying them.



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Guest graunch1

No Charlie, you wouldn't want to fly that Apache into YVR harbour at Burrard street would you??? :P:P


Glad to see you walked from the deal in the UK as it sounds like real trouble. <_<

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No I wouldn't fly the Apache into 800 Burrard because we own the **** thing.


However I still am intent on finishing off what I started with a couple of TC types who deserve to be unemployed.


Getting back to the Apache, those Israli's don't f.ck around, they use them real effectively, I wanted to at least get to fly one, oh well maybe something will change and I may still go there to train them.


What rank should I ask for as a member of the Isralei airforce?


Maybe I could be a flying chaplin giving spititual and sexual gidance?


By the way, we still hope to get paid at least up to the present, and my wife finally spoke her mind about me getting shafted again.........she thinks that I do it because I am a nomad and a simple minded dreamer thinking only about playing with dangerous toys..............why are they so **** smart when it comes to things like that???


Rev. Chas W.

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Everyone must be working for a change so I just thought I would make another post to keep some activity here.


As an example of the shysters that seem to be drawn to aviation I thought I would let you all know the latest on my trip to England and what is happening now.


As I have explained, he was making demands of me with regard to the flying of the aircraft that were way beyond what I consider safe, and when given an ultimatum to either follow his orders or be replaced with another pilot I of course went back to Canada.


The latest is, he claims he will pay the money owing to my two partners in England for the mechanical work done, but he will not pay my airfare and extra expanses for my trip to England. Remember he asked me to fly the airplane and authorized me to buy a ticket and come over to England at short notice, as well I was there for a week and stayed at the hotel that he was in, which of course he paid for.


He now has a new reason to not pay me...........


He claims that not only am I incompetent as a pilot but I missreperesented my qualifications because my pilots license is not valid due to my not having a valid medical.


This statement is in writing to my two partners, but the most incredible thing is last week I got a call from one of my customers in the USA who owns a PBY. He wanted to know what in **** was going on with the guy that owns the Cat in England as he had received a phone call asking him if he would deliver the airplane to Israel, my friend suggested that he call me as that is what I do for a living...... well the guy said I was the reason that his airplane was stuck in England as not only did I not know what I was doing but I didn't even hold a valid medical for my ATP.


By the way I had faxed a copy of my license including my medical group 1 valid until Aug. 01/2004. Then I had scanned and e-mailed another copy as the fax did not satisfy the Israelis.


Anyhow he claims that I have damaged his company and put Boeing Aircraft in a bad position as Boeing helicopter division was funding the ferry costs. He claims that Boeing will pay my two partners but not me, because I missreperesented my qualifications.


He has combed the world looking for a qualified pilot and at least last week has not found one.


Also he told the guy in the US that owns a Cat that he can not get insurance.


So that is really one of the stranger fu.k ups that I have been involved in in many years.


As to insurance, Lloyds have been insuring me and my two partners in this business of ferrying PBY's for the last ten years, in over forty different countries and we have never failed to complete a delivery, nor have we ever filed a claim.


So go figure...


Maybe it is getting time for me to let Boeing know why the project is off the rails.


By the way, when I left the project the first phone call I made was to my insurance broker and the underwriter to inform them that I was no longer involved in the ferry flight.


My broker and I are very good friends and he was stunned that I had left the project and asked for the reason, I said you don't really want to know the whole story, buy it was for reasons of safety being compromized....he just grunted and said that's all I need to know Chuck, thanks for calling and letting me know you are no longer connected to that airplane.


Like this thread was named, I must be dummer than a stone to stay in this stupid business.



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