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Im Getting Dummer By The Day

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When do all you guys think I should quit?

Chuck, I don't know you and I won't presume to say when you should retire.


However, I will offer this general advice: assuming that one doesn't need the money, the time to quit a job - any job - is when its headaches and hassles routinely outweigh the fun and/or personal satisfaction that it provides.


Many of your posts seem quite bitter about the hard times that you are given by Transport Canada and other organizations and individuals; but only you can say whether things are so bad that you have reached the above stage.






P.S. It goes almost without saying that when you do retire, you don't have to quit flying altogether ... you can have lots of fun and relaxation flying recreationally in your own small airplane.

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Hi swingline :


I just got back home last night for a ten day holiday at home and then it is back to Holland to finish off the training of their crew.


From your last post I don't think you really understand that I am only poking fun at my being dumb and suffering in Aviation.


The truth is I have one of the best jobs in Aviation, I get to see dozens of countries and fly some of the most exotic aircraft left in Aviation. My pay is at the top of the Aviation scale and my expense allowance is first class.


I am puzzeled at your reference to " other organizations and individuals " are you refeering to my trip to England a couple of months ago when I refused to fly an aircraft because the owner gave me an ultimatum to either fly it illegally or he would find another pilot? That was a very unusual problem and I dealt with it professionally and quickly by refusing to compromise my ethics..


I am not bitter Swingline, I am just not willing to be screwed by a few corrupt people that work for TC.


You should get on your knees every night before retiring and thank what ever God you believe in that someone like me has the integrity and strenght to stand up against corruption within TC. And to do so by posting my real name.


Anyhow hopefully you will better grasp where I am coming from after reading this.


Your friend:


The reverend C.W. :up:

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Hi Chuck,


If you're happy in your work, then keep at it. Sorry that I misunderstood.


I am not bitter Swingline, I am just not willing to be screwed by a few corrupt people that work for TC.
In my own experience, most people at TC are good sorts. I do agree that there are occasional power-hungry jerks who seem to enjoy making trouble for no reason, and/or believe that their own subjective interpretations of the legislation is "The Law".


You should get on your knees every night before retiring and thank what ever God you believe in that someone like me has the integrity and strenght to stand up against corruption within TC.

You'll excuse me if I don't get down on my knees. :rolleyes: As a practicing lawyer who has successfully taken on TC in the past, I can fight my own battles, thanks very much.





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Hi again Swingline :


Im pleased that you are knowledegable in the area of law and able to look after yourself. However there are many in aviation with no understanding of how the system really works. Those people just may appreciate someone standing up to wrongdoing within the regulator, so they can maybe thank their God for my efforts should they wish to.


I agree that most TC employees work within the bounds of fairness in their job, however most priests in the Catholic church also serve their parishoners with dignity and integrity.


There however, are many exceptions to the rule and there have been far to many child molesters plying their perversions under the protective umberella of the Church, it is a fact that some have been protected by the leaders of the church and were only prosecuted after public exposure forced the Church to finally deal with the wrong doers.


TC is really no different when it comes to wrong doing by their inspectors, the upper management like musk oxen form a circle to protect their own. Fairness, integrity and due process are only found in their Quality Assurance web site, in reality what you get is cover up, denial and stonewalling when you avail yourself of the services of their so called Quality Assurance department. Their behaviour lends a new meaning to the word hyprocrisy, in my opinion of course.


That is the problem that I am addressing, cover up and denial by TC upper management who condone and approve of wrong doing by denial.


Maybe you as a lawyer could explain to me what the real difference is between the two examples that I have put foward?


Remember, it is very likely that I have far more years dealing with the regulator than you have, and until about four years ago was not victimized by any corrupt TC employee.


One does not need to be a graduate of a law school to understand the difference between lawful and unlawful, right and wrong and the meaning of truth..


If there is a grey area in law that can is only applicicable to TC maybe you can enlighten me?



The above is posted with all due respect to you and all the rest of my colleauges.


PS :


I can't retire yet as I still have to go back to Holland and then go straight to the US to fly fifty hours with another PBY operator to give them training asked for by the insurance company.


Then I should have enough mad money to buy two new engines and props for my CRI CRI. :up: :up: :up:





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Hello Chuck,


I'm no fan of TC, or the Catholic church; so I will leave it to someone else to defend them, or try to justify/explain their conduct.


I have not personally run into stone-walling behaviour by TC, but can well believe it happens (I saw this sort of thing often enough in the Cdn Forces). :down:





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My two week holiday has ended.


I am off to Amsterdam again tomorrow.


The Cat was in for its paint job and should be ready to fly again by monday.


I have no idea how long I will be gone this time. there are now six pilots to train, the Dutch CAA is getting one of their inspectors trained to fly it.


Will maybe post some pictures when I get over there...............especially of the Connie that I hope to get to fly, at least enough to have experienced the ultimate piston pounder ever made. :up:


Rev. C. W.

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