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Ontario Schools?


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Hi again,


Thanks for the info everyone. I really do appreciate your input. You guys are great, as you give your insights in a truthful straightforward way.


You bet I'm going to do more research. (I have been all along, but you can never learn enough, especially when $50k are on the line.)


Winnie, thanks for the invite to your facility in London, I might stop by when I'm in the area to ask a question or two.


Jetbox, nice informative post. Both sides to the story, thats what I need to hear.


PuddleJumper, thanks again, you've been a big help. I'll send you PM later, as I want to ask you a few more things.


And to everyone who posted. Thank alot!


However, here's another question for you all. Alot of people think I'm pretty crazy about persuing something like this. I know to just stick with my guns, but it's kinda hard when it's the people that are closest to you that tend to worry more, and try to persuade you from spending $50k. I keep telling tell them that it's like getting a University Degree, but people don't tend to think of it like that. How'd you guys deal with that?




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i was a farm boy...only son...and expected to carry on the tradition........


my momma cried...dad said i was on my own.......... :(


and 17 years later...they are as proud as can be....... :up: :up:


remember, it's YOUR dream and YOUR life.........


go live it!! :up: :up:

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Hey 412, I remember a great social life between April to Oct ....... isn't that what led to our "12 steps to recovery program"?? Drinking from garbage cans in Highlevel, at least we didn't sleep in the ditch at the Vermon cut-off! LOL


Now tell him the truth ........ "invest in real estate!"

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You got it bang on 412 driver, it's your life do whatever you want with it!


As far as I'm concerned, this is the best thing you could do with yourself, even after considering all the negative aspects of the business. It can be very hard to find a job initially but persistence and a good attitude will prevail!!!

Besides, it's almost worth it just for the response you get from people after they ask you what you do for a living!!!!

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