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Would I ditch an expensive helicopter knowing that without floats there would be certain complete loss of airframe.


What's with the chatter about this S92 operating without floats? I do not believe that this or any other S-92 operated by Cougar in the offshore environment is operated without serviceable floatation equipment.


There is a possibility that there was optional extra float equipment for the S-92 airframe that wasn't on the accident aircraft. But it would have been extra equipment not required by certification or regulations.


The emergency float system isn't designed to keep the aircraft dry or on the surface. It's designed to keep the aircraft up-right and buoyant long enough for the crew and passengers to disembark safely and only in a limited sea state. Anything more is a bonus!


I believe most offshore pilots on all types will now have a less optimistic view during any MGB related emergencies.


Fly safe,


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This s h i t is so inappropriate. I'm not shure why some people need to speculate about how people died. :angry:


So what, an S-92 was over the north shore with out adequate floats! :down: Ya, sure, what the ****!!!


Show some respect, ( there is no happy face for a middle finger! )


Let the TSB do thier work.




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Come on Guys, lighten up a tad. Lets just wait for the TSB report. The bottom line is, NONE of us have a effing clue as to what happend and what went on in the cockpit. There are relatively few S-92 qualified Pilots and Engineers in the world compared to the worlwide helicopter fleet so why is everyone all of a sudden a S-92 expert?? Wait for the report Guys (and Gals)

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