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Longline Vs Shortline

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Why would the editors of that mag even print such a blatant piece of dog poop anyways, don't they proof read the articles before they publish them???? :huh::huh:

Mayby the editors of the magazine have never been in a helicopter to begin with!!!

Or maybe they want to increase their sales by turning the magazine into some sort of tabloid :D:D:D:D

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Easy old-timer ! The wife is already suprised I can fit my head in that old skid lid :D . Apperently the mail east of the Kootneys is living up to its reputation as snail mail, my issue is not yet arrived. An old wise man told me once, it is better to say nothing and appear stupid than open your mouth and prove it. Judging by the rebuttles from my peers (whom I know are well versed in this type of operation) the author should have heeded some of this wisdom and the editor should show a little more due dilligence before allowing articles of this nature to go to press. Many of the people on this forum have worked extemely hard to bring Vertical Reference techniques to the forefront in a professional manner here in Canada, the US and overseas. It's extemely frustrating to see this type of thinking, relapse in such a public form of media. I only hope that future generations of longline drivers will use there own jugement when taking on a new challenge like longline work. I'am sure they will see flying a load is no different than flying the helicopter the same rules apply...



Again, just my humble opinon.


Cheers BDVI.



Hey, old-timer may be through next week on the way to YLW. Will drop in for a pint. ;)

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I was putting your recipe together, substituted Vancouver Canucks sticks for flippers, and got down to the 1 - pork, seems like a bit much to get a Montreal player into the pot don't you think.


(maybe should have used the montreal player for the flipper, that one fella looked like a clubbed seal the other day doing the chicken on the ice)


sc :wacko: :shock:

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This is beautiful........


407 Driver, CTD, Downwash, Vert Ref, RDM, JBC, Duke 6 and other great pontificators all adding wise, salient and occasionally amusing opinions...............just they way it should be.

No-one being offensive and no-one getting offended.

Keep it up, guys.


Hmmmmm, when was the last time a great meeting like this was held...?????

(Is the guy in the middle our JBC, or some other JC ??)

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