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Longline Vs Shortline

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Do you have an External "Check Instrument" light installed? I'd be whining to the big guy to get one ...cause you're MGT is going to be flashing on every takeoff !


I have only operated into the mid 30's C here, that's a cool day for AZ !


Last summer, at 25C+/-, 5500 ASL, 750 lb fuel (1.7 hrs), The old gal was still lifting an 80% bucket (180 Imp Bambi X .8 = 144 Imp = 1440 lbs + 75 for the bucket + 50 for the LONG line = 1,565 lbs).


Warning, the preceeding was done during controlled conditions by a trained professional :blink: , do not try this at home with your B2.


My memory may not be exact on those figures, plus there's always up to a 10% fib factor...you know further-faster-higher pilot talk ??? :lol:

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Thanks 407,

Those numbers dont look to bad,I expected less. but as a professional pilot myself I will be pulling out those things in the flight manual, ahhh, OH performance charts.I know they're in there somewhere. :rolleyes:

As for the external exceedance lights. I will assume it will have them, but you know what they say about assuming. If it doesnt I will certainly be on the blower.

It should be very interesting there, it sounds like a whole new world fighting fires compared to what we are used to up here.

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