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Bose X Headset

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Wow, that's nearly as much as a helmet. Speaking from my experience with their audio equipment, it would probably deliver less than expected, although it will be good. I used to have one of their wave radio thingies, but the new Sangean one blows it out of the water.



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In case anyone is interested, I and a few other pilots on the base, had the opportunity to test one out recently. I was very impressed, although that sentiment was not unanimous. The biggest complaint was that the side tone was quite low. I found it was just a matter of getting used to it. Everyone did agree that it was very comfortable, especially in the hot weather (Thailand). No sweaty sticky seals around the ears, these ears cups are made of leather. Very little clamping force and very light weight as well. One of the things I found the nicest was that when I put my sunglasses on, there was no change to the sound level like with a David Clark. The pilots who tried it in both the 61 and the 76 found that in the 76 the ANR was even more noticable. This was mostly due to the fact that we fly the 61 with the windows open and the wind noise is evident. This thing is strictly an active (ANR) headset, it has almost no passive noise protection. But all in all I was convinced and have placed my order. The company (CHI) picking up half the tab does make the decision a bit easier. Have a safe summer.

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So CHI pays for a Bose headset, what about helmuts, if they are like the dudes in Canada, doubt it.


In a low level helicopter I would rather invest in a good helmet, and you can install noise cancelling speakers in them as well which are available from several good companies in the US.


Bose has proven there arrogence by not coming through with there plan to have available the ANR for install in helmets as they said they would 13 years ago. I have used the headset in an Astar and works fine although use a helmet, the headset is light and the mic mounts were chincy. VIH used to have them installed in all the aircraft for Nimmo Bay fishing lodge.



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