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Wages For New Apprentices

Puddle Jumper

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Hi Guys


Well after 4 plus years trying to land a job in the rotary world I have came to the conclusion that it is time to approach my goals differently. I am planning on going back to school for aircraft maintenance. So my question is what should a new apprentice out of school be getting as a starting wage. Keep in mind I plan on twisting wrenches while at school in order to build a little experience, but this will only take place when I have time. Any input is appreciated, and if you want you can pm me with the details. Just want to cover the bases and get a rough game plan in order. Thanks,


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Guest graunch1

I just heard today that SPAR is paying $21.50 per hour to avionics guys that have been out of school and working for them in YEG for the past year. I would assume that the oily rags are getting the same pay for the same level of expertice. I am not sure how much of their time is bookable towards the AME license however as SPAR does mostly C130 work with a bit of civvy L100s thrown in. Don't know how TC would look at that as time for the license.

Avmax in YYC just hired a bunch of SAIT AME grads to work for $10 per hour as apprentices; so go figure

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