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seems pretty simple really, BCFS knows times are tough and there is not alot of medium work around, hence all the spec helicopters. They feel no need to put anyone on a 3 day hire to have them available as in years past cause they know we have no where else to go.


It maybe the greatest money saving plan of the year or if we see two provinces get going at once a "see you later and YES THE FERRY IS BOTH WAYS"


****By the way where is the forestry guy that was one here a while back that was so interested in our input? Maybe he could give us all a rundown on how the hiring of helicopters goes in BC as it seems every district seems to have a different thought on the subject. Would be interesting to know and then maybe we wouldnt have to fly spec everywhere and they wouldnt have to answer the phone every ten minutes to talk to someone looking for work????

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