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Ultralight Helicopter

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My Gawd!!!!

Someone has gone and built the helicopter I wanted when I was six years old. Need the guns and rocket pods however. Calvin and Hobbes would love one I am sure.

I don't think there is much "Give" in the landing gear design and the seat doesn't look very crashworthy.

Not much of a vertical fin so TR failures will be fun ( Allouette or Lama Drivers can comment)

At least we do't have to worry about the cold weather limit - that will be a "human factors" limit. Still- knowing my demented snowmobile friends I can see some maniac buzzing around at -40. ( If he can get the heated cyclic, collective and face shield option.)

Having said that it would probably be a hoot as long as all goes well. :rolleyes:

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This thing bears a strong resemblence to a contraption that a good friend of mine volunteered to test fly back in the 80's in Kelowna. ( I said good friend, not smart friend) :D . This thing was teathered to a trailer at the time and just as he got it to 100% one of the tail rotor blades departed and went whistling by his right ear. Of course the resulting vibration caused a catastrophic meltdown. My buddy had some sort of religious experience at this point and said his test pilot days were over. That's the last I heard of the thing till now.

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