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Lots of talk on CBC about government funding of insurance, but apparently "they" (government) can't afford 'that.'


Funny how we have billions of dollars to save a few jobs out east, even considered a few multiple of millions to have another election, (just because "we" can), no end of money to have and hold all kinds of meetings with multiple of committees to take notes and eat lunches, but we can't insure the people who risk their lives rescuing someone who does stupid things.


How did we get so mixed up in our priorities???


If the dim witted people that run those funding programs can't figure that out, why don't we take them out into the mountains around Golden and let them wander around for awhile...


:angry: :angry: :angry:



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Skis Up --------- understood entirely what you meant about "that company down east" and totally agree up to a CERTAIN point and then "Whoaa there big guy", That same company has controlling interests in over 800 other companies that have absolutely nothing to do with vehicle manufacuring, but a great deal to do with my kitchen. If they 'disappeared beneath the waves' somehow totally, it put any possible repairs to my stove, diswasher and refrigerator in jeoprady. Now I know that I can afford to loose a few pounds (quit with any possible smart remarks), but let's take it a bit easy on me and and at least don't interfere with my breakfast tomorrow morning........hey 'ol buddy....could you do that? :o

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L3Driver -------Ohhhh, I'd suggest strongly that you investiagte further and you'd find out that it goes a lot deeper than anything to do with my kitchen apparati. I became interested because I stumbled onto the fact that one of the things that GM had to sell-off was their 20% interest in Toyota and Kia. I continued searching really got my eyes opned-up further. Their tentacles reach faarrrrrr into aviation also. So do that research and know that I had my heels dug in about this also, but now I'm part of the cheering section....for my own well-being.

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