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747 Water Bomber

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Twinstar ------Christ man, don't start thinking like us or your career will get "hooped". ****, if my engine doesn't fart, cough, blow smoke and sound like a John Deere tractor on start-up it gets my attention, Besides, the term "Lite OFF" dosn't even make any sense for STARTING-UP. Try translating that term to to a pilot of the Japanese or Chinese persuasion....they think you're an idiot. :lol::lol::lol::lol:

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" ok, ok... so it's not realistic... you and chuck will start pointing out w&b, drag, fuel/payload degredation... now you 2 got me thinking like you 2!!! "


Hey Cap...look at this one by twinstar....we are finally influnceing the troops in a positive way.. :up: :up:


Any chance any of our thoughts will make inroads into some of the TC types who really need a tune up mentally?


Twinstar, next time you go to work ask for a raise..tell em Cap and Chuck have been working on you.. :up: ....should be worth a couple of thousand dollars a month more at least....



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Chuck -----you gotta get a hold of some of that good "weed" from the island and stop smoking that crap you got because it's having an affect on your posts......as in change MoT? I got a TC guy around here that is triple A+ and got his sh*t together big time. There's at least two others in "Garlic City" who are the same and they all give straight answers to straight questions.....and no b.s. allowed either way. They also know of what you refer to also and have to deal with it on a first person basis every day.


Twinstar doesn't have to push any knob to prime his engine in the morning, "boost" to him means someone helping him up a ladder and "stall warning" means he's going too fast and his retreating blade is stalling out and the a/c nose is pitching up. :lol: Using our names as reference will just get him put back on the loading docks again and drop him down in wages. :lol::lol::lol:

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If I remember right, the plan is for 10 or 12 of these puppies, spread across the US with 2 on hot standby. At 550mph the closing speed to any fire would be quite small with the second aircraft arriving soon after. By using compressed air to empty the load, they also plan to be able to use the system to counteract any terrorist action by spraying an antidote for any kind of bio hazard. :mellow:

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