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Tel Aviv

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Well I guess nothing ever changes in aviation.


Yesterday I got a phone call from London, seems like the owner of that Cat wants it test flown on Saturday with a planned departure London to Tel Aviv ( 3 day flight in a Cat. ) on tuesday.


Anyhow gang the best description I can give you all on this latest episode in my exsintence is this is shaping up to be another classic clusterf.ck.


I leave Apr. 22/ 04, Vancouver - Amsterdam - London Heathrow on KLM 682 at 13:15.


I will take pictures as usual and maybe post some here for all you lucky ******** that don't have to leave home to scrape out a mere exsintence flying airplanes that pre date Noahs ark.


Rev. Chas W.

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All ferry trips are like that are they not. ( I think it is a rule.)

Got a call once that an a/c was ready to go - why aren't you there? :o

Panic mode to Aberdeen from YUL via LHR- arrive in Scotland to be confronted with a helicopter Kit in need of serious work :angry: - left on the ferry trip 2 weeks later. SNAFU

Have a great trip.

Keep us informed of your schedule if able.

Looking foreward to the photos.



I will be passing through LHR on May 14th so you may still be there. ( Joke) :lol:

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