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Rates In The Sewer

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Good point CTD.

Another arguement I heard for NOT increasing the rates was that if the rates increased to where they're supposed to be, a lot of customers would use other means to get the job done. (I believe this was also mentioned a few posts back)

If that's the case, this would probably mean that the amount of yearly flying would go down. So is less flying for all operators necessarily a bad thing???

If we break it down into simple numbers, lets say this year every operator flies on average 600 hrs per ship at an average tarif of 1000$ per a/c.

Would it be such a bad thing if the average went down to 400 hrs per a/c but at 20% higher tarrif? The machines fly less but make more money because there are less component changes, less 100hr inspections, etc. (these numbers don't necessarily add up, it's just an example!)

I know all you guys getting paid flight pay are freaking out right now but if your flight pay also is increased so that your yearly salary remains the same even if you fly a bit less, are you not still happy?? Would we not have a chance to finally enjoy a little bit more of the summer if we're not going crazy chassing the work so much??

If the national fleet is flying less on average then we are also working not quite as hard for the same money. Would this not help alliviate the shortage of pilots and especially engineers??

Of course, this only works if we assume ALL the operators are getting a higher tarrif, flying less and still paying their crews the same.


I know I know, I'm living in a dream world but heck, can't a guy have a dream???


:up: :up:

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I have no problem publishing my rates - last year I got $160 per day, plus $60 p.h., plus $25 away from base and $35 food (may have been the other way round). Non-rev was paid for at the same rate. It was a steady year, in that I didn't necessarily work my tail off, yet I still managed to pull in $57K for just under 6 month's work. That would no doubt have been more if I'd managed to get to Kelowna.


Why do I like fires? i feel as if I'm doing something useful, very few customers tell me how to do my job and I get minimums. And i meet all those guys I met the year before.



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Here's my storey!


On this past Thursday, an Alberta Gov't dept (Agriculture) phoned on the availability of an Astar. We had the aircraft that they were looking for.The person asked the common questions about rates,fuel,speed, and passengers, etc. We quoted the 2004 Alberta Gov't published rates. We contacted the fellow yesterday, as a follow up for the Monday AM flight. He stated another Calgary operator gave him "a much better deal"

Is that egg in your face or what?? If there is anyone on here from that company shame on you!!

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I'm probably getting into something I should stay out of, but having said that, I will go on to say the following.


If the Alberta government is willing to pay xxx$ for a given requirement and ask you to provide it at the stated rate and go somewhere else at a lower rate, somebody is either getting paid of or really stupid. If such is the case you should have been given the opportunity to meet the other persons bid. Also telphone shot-gun bidding is illegal by most government departments, except of course the PMO.


I would take this up at a higher level, including your area MP.






PS: Years ago I advised the industry when I was working for the feds that Coast Guard would be taking over most of the Fisheries contracts, that were originally being flown by commercial operators. I advised HAC at the time that the government was not mandated or allowed to take work away from commercial operators. I advised them at the time to contact there respective MP's and raise a stink.


How many Fisheries contracts do you see these days??????

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