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Drug-smuggling Canadian Pilot Pleads Guilty

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Guest plumber
We were roomy's in whitecourt working for raccoon and I sold him my old blue car for $400.

He paid it off , $100 payments for 4 months.


I wonder how he's going to pay his new room mate back? So much pain for a pack of menthols :o


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Such a drag? Joking I hope hello-bird. Stupid is as stupid does. No sympathy from me I'm afraid.


Wasn't a joke. Or intended as sympathy. I just think it's a drag. Because from my perspective, I'd give just about anything... my left ovary and kidney and probably both of your testicles (if I could) to have that guys opportunity to fly. And he ****** it up. That, to me = drag.

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Sorry hello-bird, I'd give you my testicles if I could, but my wife has an eternal lease on them. He is a supreme dumb-*** for wasting his skills on an illegal act.


Thanks GM. Much appreciated. :) I agree with you, what he did was really dumb. A total waste.

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