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Tax Deduction

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After doing some research, I decided to send of this letter. Let's hope it works



D.J. McDougall

1044 County Road 44

Oxford Station, ON

K0G 1T0

613 258 0252



April 22, 2004

Ottawa Tax Services Office

Business Enquires

333 Laurier West

Ottawa, K1A 0L9


Dear Sir or Madam,




On the 100th anniversary of powered flight, (the 17th day of December, 2003) the Helicopter Engineers and Pilots Association, Canada received its Charter to form a non-profit organization seeking to improve the profession of helicopter engineers and pilots as well as the Canadian helicopter industry as a whole.


We will do so through industry lobbying, for the promotion of safety research and advancements and to seek improvements in engineering, pilot, employer and customer/ client relations.


The Helicopter Engineers and Pilots Association, Canada (HEPAC) is organized and directed by the membership, for the benefit of the membership, and is founded on the principle of providing each member, to the maximum extent practical, an opportunity to direct the Association’s leadership in the conduct of its affairs. Accordingly, the Association is dedicated to ensuring an equal voice for all members in the management of our relationship with their employer and the regulatory bodies, and in the continued efforts to promote the well-being of our membership and their families.


Who are HEPAC Members?


Any person employed as a licensed commercial pilot or aircraft maintenance engineer issued by Transport Canada.



Who governs HEPAC?


Engineers and pilots in order to improve their professional lives founded HEPAC. The Association is a representational democracy in which the ultimate power lies with its individual members. Its organizational structure is built on a framework of checks and balances that provides a ladder of elected member representation leading directly from the individual to the highest level. There can be no unilateral decisions, no minority rule, or arbitrary establishment of policy. Instead, the identity of the individual is maintained, with channels for the expression and fulfillment of his or her opinions and desires, while preserving the unity of the organization through adherence to its Policies.

Very simply, the members of HEPAC govern the Association and its activities. HEPAC’s strength lies in the voluntary participation in Association affairs by its individual members, whose interests it protects.


How HEPAC is funded?


HEPAC is a non-profit organization and all of its activities are funded through membership dues.


What does HEPAC do?


HEPAC’s activities are divided between its members’ professional and industrial interests, between safety and contractual matters. In fact, the two are often inextricably linked and complementary. HEPAC strives to be a powerful and independent force in all flight safety matters and will be instrumental in establishing and maintaining appropriate safety standards, nationally, through consultation with the regulatory authorities and operators. It provides the membership a voice in dealings with the government, and as a spokesperson to the public. Above all, through its activities the Association offers the individual member the opportunity to shape the future of his profession.


How does HEPAC work?


HEPAC is structured so that its control remains vested with individual members, whose opinions and votes form the foundation of the Association. While power is delegated to elected representatives, all lines of authority trace directly back to the individual members. Each level derives its authority from those who have elected it. Thus, while HEPAC acts as a cohesive, collective unit, there can be no dictatorial powers exercised and no infringement of individual rights and privileges.


HEPAC Committee


One of the most effective methods of direct member participation in the Association and the achievement of its objectives will be HEPAC’s committee structure. Committee work will offer interested members unlimited opportunities to participate in and contribute to the affairs of the Association.

All committee work is done by volunteers and will reflect the "grass-roots" democratic nature of the Association.




To help accomplish the goals of its members, HEPAC will employ or contract the services of professionals to assist and advise the elected leadership. These professionals provide expertise in the fields of industrial relations, law, technical and safety matters, public relations and communications, administration and accounting. While these individuals have no policy-making role, their knowledge and experience are invaluable in the attainment of the Association’s objectives.


Technical and Safety Activities


The Association’s concern for safety reflects its professional role and the legal responsibilities of its members.

In all its endeavours, HEPAC’s safety organization will reflect the input and needs of its members.


In accordance with IT158R2 “Employees’ professional membership dues” HEPAC is requesting the authority to issue tax receipts to individual members so that they may claim their membership dues on their individual tax returns.


Please advise what information to put on the tax receipt.




D.J. McDougall

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Albert Ross a.k.a Phil:

Association dues can be deducted by anybody who is self employed as you and or a person who is contracting out his services.


Not so for a person that is permanent with a company.


Any permanently employed individual requires a tax receipt that is recognized by the revenue dept for the dues to be deductable.


That is the purpose of the letter.


Cheers Don

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