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Road To Ruin

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while i'm not a driver, the names that i remember most over the years are ted janzen, bruce reilly, lorne beecroft, jim aspinall, brooke ede, pieter koster, paul kendall, bob johnson, lance and rocky cooper, k.o., kris reynolds, leon marchenski, john and al from buffalo airways in ft simpson(1977), lynn appleby...

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Dryden 18...ah yes...was working for Kenting as a graunch/ pilot...with Gerry Flesher, Dooley Ross, Jim Lewis and Curly Wayland...we had a S-58 piston banger and Jimmy had a 2x5...got some stick time on the 58 when Dooley found out I had a drivers licence...KO would have killed him...I was fresh out of Canadore (72-74) pilot/eng course...last thing I had flown was a G4A in North Bay...50 guys had started the course..with names like Sullivan,Smallman,Malcomb,Hahn,Hall,Franklin,Carrier,Laamenen,Leduc,Ja

mieson...better Known as ....sensored....Perron,Reny,....I could name them all ....went to work for Ken Mazara...got to know Kim and Robin O...Big John Flesher who I worked with for many years at Midwest....my interest in choppers started back in the 60's when a G-2 flew in to our little town and stopped at the only gas station in town and said filler up with Hightest...this guy was just cool...not to mention that beautifull Bell iron..the rest is as they say history.... :D;)

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First flight was in a 206 A, that was with Roland Mcdonald in St. Albans NFLD in 1974. Was hooked. All I ever wanted to do from that moment was fly helo's. Took a long, long time before got my licence (20 years later). But it was the best thing I ever did. Only regret, what took me 20 flipping years to get my act in gear???????


Cheers Amigos


p.s anyone remember Capt. Jack Wallace the Codfathers personal pilot in late 70's early 80's. He gave me a great flight!!!!


Somewhere on the learning curve :shock:

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Capt. Jack Wallace was ( and for all I know still is ) a true gentleman - and a darned good harmonica player too.


When they did the 67 Centennial film " A Helicopter Canada" they dropped into a bush camp and there sits Jack playing away.


He worked for TQH until he departed for NFLD with Doug Hogan.


Brooke Ede - now there is a name I haven't heard since the Clone Wars. ( one for the Star Treck fans ) long time ago in Laronge far far away.


Geeze there sure are a lot of familiar names coming up on these posts. Great stuff. :up:


Leave us not forget to mention John Shultz, Harvey Easton and Bob O. and the name Skyrotors.

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Maybe someone can help me out here. It was in '82 or '83 in Hinton. I was 12 years old and went for a flight with the base pilot from Alpine(Can't remember his name though). Hooked from that day on. I guess that and all the mediums that came to Hinton in the summer to do the rappel training ruined my life. Somebody must remember the fellows name. Maybe Ken?????

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