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Risk Management,Pilots

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Blackie, our views often differ on many subjects, but I want to commend you for posting this article. I think you know the subject is dear to me, and if your post precipitates just one attitude adjustment, it''ll be well worthwhile.


Cheers, old troop.

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Downwash; Thanks for the comments. I was begining to wonder if it was worthwhile putting anything on the thread remotely suggesting that pilots might be responsible for thier own action''s. Lot''s of people looked at it, but few comments. The perfect people syndrom.


Cheers, Timex

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Chas, I sincerely hope you don''t ride a Harley....jpshakehead.gif And you a Corner Brooker?


Blackie, I have been meaning to post here, but usually, I don''t look in threads other than the helicopter ones, and I just haven''t been on much lately.


Like you, and the learned Capt. Wash, I am a big believer in the risk management concept, I just wish we didn''t have to overcomplicate it with tables, charts, assigning levels of risk, probability of occurrence, etc. I can see this process applying to business, government, or other organizations, but it would be nice if us pilots, engineers and managers could do this intuitively. We all assess risk in our everyday lives, but some of us do it better than others.


We''re easy to spot, we''re the ones who put our snow tires on early (four of them, not two), and take them off late. This involves exactly the same principles of risk management as the formal process. Example:


What is the risk of early / late snow? Moderate.

What is the risk of an accident if you have summer tires on, along with everyone else? Moderate.

What is the severity of having an accident? For most of us it''s at least moderate, maybe a little higher if you factor in the grief of lost time, insurance rate increase, and we haven''t even talked about injuries...


So, to me, I must take remedial action. I put snow tires on.


I don''t think it''s necessary for pilots to practice formal RM techniques everyday, but the training does help turn this skill into common sense, which is all it should be in the first place. Same with CRM, PDM, HPIAM etc, yet these courses are often mocked and considered an imposition.


But then again, so are the seatbelt laws - another regulation that legislates common sense. I guess we''re only human huh? Anyway, good on ya for posting this. If one person is helped, it''s worth it. 

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Great input, CTD. Why am I not surprised?


Call it ''attitude adjustment'' or whatever you want, the application of good old ''horse sense'' is really what it''s all about, as you say. I guess it has something to do with why there are so many more horse''s arses than there are horses.

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Sure I''m from Corner Brook, everybody is from somewhere.....


If only I could afford a Harley Sportster......


However all I have is a Honda Rebel....


I try to not let my friends see me riding it...it''s sort of like getting discovered in the morning drunk and in bed with the ugliest syphletic woman it the town...


Chas W. Doctor of divinity....

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