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What Should A Pilot Look Like?

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I have been on both sides of the fence. I have worn the "custom-made" dark blue flight suits, and have also looked like the typical helicopter bush pilot i.e: jeans, jacket, hiking boots, truckers wallet, and company ball cap.


Does a flight suit look more professional, or should it be left up to the comfort level of the individual? I guess there are certain safety issues such as nomex vs. cotton etc. Lately I have been wearing carhart bib overalls that make me look like a farmer, but they sure are comfortable and don't seem to mind Jet B as much as my tight fitting $60 designer jeans! :rolleyes:


I have had comments when wearing flight suits that suggest it is important for some people to differentiate between flight crew and maintenance.


In addition do you guys think I should stop watching "queer eye for the straight guy" with my WIFE :D:D


Standing by to stand by!!!


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I believe a pilot should be easy on the eyes and have a winning smile. Either that or dress well and have a really big watch. :P Failing that, the pilot should be slovenly, able to consume large drinks in a single swig and demolish plates of BBQ in a single sitting. Of course a mixture of all three is also admirable.


Seriously though, I don't care how a pilot dresses, as long as it is appropriate for the job at hand. Poopy suits=off shore, flame-resistant=bush/firefighting/ag (ie. closer to the ragged edge work), collared shirt and tie=corporate VIP, and weather appropriate regardless of location.

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I have been on both sides of the fence. I have worn the "custom-made" dark blue flight suits, ...

Shouldn't that read "worn-out"?


If it is the same version of the custom made suit that I had, they sure didn't last long. Version two lasted a little longer. How about the Canadian Tire shirts?


I always preferred jeans, comfortable shirt, good workboots, ballcap and a leatherman tool on my hip. These days I'm in a goretex immersion suit, rarely ever take the leatherman out of the case.


Note for low time pilots: See what the pilots at the company wear and dress like them. The employer will see that you will fit in well. I wouldn't do the shirt and tie thing unless you are headed for Helijet or a corporate job.



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We had about 10 - 206's in Ft St John in the late 70's. It way Maynard and a whole bunch of us 200 hr kids. One guy (not in the industry anymore) always showed up to work with pressed pants, a shirt and Tie ...a wide gaudy OKie Tie no less :D

... boy, did he look out of place wrestling pigs into the 206 on the WCE pigging run every day !!

For those you you who never worked the oil-patch....No, these weren' the "bacon" variety of Pigs... :D


RH, my last custom made spiffy blue CHC flight suit arrived in 98, but it was cut for an Arnie Swartaneggar kind of guy, not the Homer Simpson fit that I required, DoH ! :D (I gave it away to a 100 hour Pup !)

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The light weight version would be better called thread bare!! I liked the way you could tell the wind direction and speed by the way they bellowed around. :D


During the dog days of summer a guy has to try his best to keep cool, but the most extreme was the picture I saw of a driver who's name escapes me now, but he was sitting in a long ranger with nothing on but cowboy boots, shorts, and a head set. Looked comfortable, but slightly out of place. It takes all kinds I guess. :rolleyes:


.....oh yeah, and the machine was running!!



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Ya, my 'custom' made blue coveralls sure didn't fit the way I thought I measured them. If they would of taken some time to read over the questionaire I sent in with regards to my measurments, maybe they would of been a better fit. Never mind the "praise the lord" propaganda tag sent with the 'flightsuit.'


As our good friend 407 stated, wear what the job dictates! Sometimes, rubber boots and a set of good John Deere green coveralls is best! Enjoy the gaspatch! Watch out for those pigs....they burn!

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