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Come To Kelowna Guys Here We Go Again

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To say it's very busy in BC is an understatement. The whole province is ablaze. It's certainly helping our industry which badly needs the boost.


But that being said, take your time everyone and keep it safe. I hear through the grapevine that VIH lost a 205 in a lake a few days ago, pilot was ok fortunately. Let's hope that is the only incident during these busy times.





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and you can't roller skate in a buffalo herd.


I once saw a japanese woman just outside of Jasper chase a windblown sonnet into a herd of elk in mating season, attempting to retrieve it. It was bright purple. Funny thing was none of her people even raised alarm over it, they just kept on snapping pictures. I had to talk my father down after, he yelled himself hoarse into the wind, to no avail.


She made it out fine, there were a lot of dancing elk around her though.



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