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Blaming the pilot for this? You got to be kidding. :o He was simply landing in the usual designated spot, nothing else.


It's the media that is to blame. They had no business being near the helipads. Lillooet was a very busy place for a few weeks and helicopter take-offs and landings were very frequent. Serves them right!



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It's so obvious that the reporter was in the wrong...this conversation wouldn't even be happening if weren't for one fool. If you stand in front of a fire station, are the fire trucks in the wrong when they drive by close to you? Give me a break.



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As Lisa said......"it is an active heli-pad."

Duh !!!! What did she expect?????? Whisper Mode, maybe ?????


How could BCFS let a reporter get into such a position ??


I have seen some big fire bases in the US, and a reporter would not be allowed anywhere near an area like this, and would also be wearing Nomex clothing.

I'm not suggesting that BC needs to use such a system, but news reports will continue to be this 'exciting' until they do.

I have also flown quite a few reporters over my career, and even though they think they are 'pretty'...(yep, even the guys!!)......they know nothing about the sharp, spinning pieces of a helicopter. Be very careful of what they will do (or ask for) to get a 'story'.


She is great at flipping all that hair around.....but doesn't seem very knowledgeable about what the helicopter was doing.

I'm not sure she'd even know how to brush her teeth if it wasn't written on her briefing notes.


The anchor-woman summed it up pretty well......."Stay safe"

.......though I'm not sure little Lisa would know how.

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Colleen Christie certainly has come a long way since her Woodgrove Mall commercials in Nanaimo... I don't know what kind of pressures reporters have to "get the story" but this one seems a little slow on the go, and mildly dense (to say the least). Who knows. Maybe she'll get promoted for heroic danger-journalism-ism... Bottom line: sucks to be blonde.

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