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Commercial Add On

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I am from italy, 36 old, CPL fixed wing 2000 TT 1500 IR on aeroplane.


I would switch to helicopter, thinking of FAA commercial Add on+IR on my fixed wing licence.


Is my aeroplane experience recognised once I will search for a rotary job?


Commercial add on is just 60 hours....chances to get a job once I will get it or it is just waist of money?


Am I too old?


Thanks for all prompt and sujjestion


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Hello liftman,


Unfortunately, at least in the U.S., your fixed-wing time will not be much help in finding a low-time helicopter job. Most entry-level helicopter jobs in the U.S. are flight instructing jobs, which require at least 200 hours of helicopter time (some insurance companies require more), plus a flight instructor certificate. There are a few jobs out there besides flight instructing, but I don't know anyone who would hire someone with fewer than 100 hours of helicopter time for any job. Once you move into higher-time jobs, your fixed-wing hours and IR experience will be more useful.


The good news is, you're not too old! One of my good friends, a fixed-wing bush pilot-turned-airline captain, took up helicopters as his retirement job at age 60, and has done very well. But he had to pay his dues in the helicopter world first!





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