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Fixed Wing Question..

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As far as I know it is still not a rating.

Having said that however I can not emphasize enough that some training is highly recommended.

The A/C handling does not change too much but takeoff and landing performance sure does depending on the surface.

No brakes can be a big suprise as many have discovered also turning circles can be increased.

The big one is judging where you can land - snowdrifts, thin ice and slush ect. All these hazards are hard to judge from the air and can be impossible to see in whiteout conditions.

Landing in whiteout conditions is as hazardous as glassy water in a floatplane. Proper technique is a must .

We have all seen photos of A/C resting on their wings with the rest below the surface. Bathing in cold lakes at -40 with no warm clothing and no shelter available can be a career highlight.

I got 300 hours of ski time as a Ti'pit ( glorified helper with a pilot's licence) on a single Otter in the early 70's ( gahd - how many times did I pump those dammed skis up - I could have been an arm wrestling champ )and the experience saved my bacon many times - still I have some excellent photos of a 185 on it's back to prove it can be dangerous. :wacko: ( Didn't even get fired!!)

Still skiplane flying is lots of fun and I miss it but, rating or not, needs proper instruction to do well.


PS: I know of more than one person who got their licence on skis and floats and never flew on wheels till they had hundreds of hours.

I can remember as a very small child seeing for the first time an airplane on wheels fly over and asking my dad where it would land - it being summer. I thought all planes were on floats or skis and that all pilots had breakup and freezeup off. :D

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Try www.gft.nf.ca. They offer training on a C150. If you want training on a larger aircraft , stay tuned (or PM me). But just a question...if the same training were available at a little higher cost on a C185, would you go for it? If so, PM me...

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