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Ad 2003-15 R2

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Hey guys,


For anyone who hasn't read the real deal I attached it below.







The following airworthiness directive (AD) may be applicable to an aircraft which our records indicate is registered in your name. ADs are issued pursuant to Canadian Aviation Regulation (CAR) 593. Pursuant to CAR 605.84 and the further details of CAR Standard 625, Appendix H, the continuing airworthiness of a Canadian registered aircraft is contingent upon compliance with all applicable ADs. Failure to comply with the requirements of an AD may invalidate the flight authorization of the aircraft. Alternative means of compliance shall be applied for in accordance with CAR 605.84 and the above-referenced Standard.


This AD has been issued by the Continuing Airworthiness Division (AARDG), Aircraft Certification Branch, Transport Canada, Ottawa, telephone (613) 952-4357.


No. CF-2004-10


Issue Date 22 April 2004


Number: CF-2004-10


Subject: Eurocopter (Aerospatiale) AS 350 – Hydraulic Power


Effective: 4 June 2004


Applicability: Eurocopter Model AS 350 helicopters


Compliance: As indicated.


Background: Transport Canada has determined that the frequency of the loss of hydraulic power, as attributed to failure of the hydraulic pump drive belt, P/N 704A33690004, or loss of lubrication provided for the hydraulic pump drive spline, is unacceptably high when considering the increased pilot workload and the unique Canadian operational environment. Eurocopter has addressed these issues as product improvements, which are being mandated as indicated.


Corrective Actions:


Part A: Hydraulic Pump Drive Belt Replacement

By 30 September 2004, unless already incorporated, install Poly-V Hydraulic Pump Drive Belt in accordance with Eurocopter Service Bulletin 63.00.08, dated 27 May 2002, or later approved revisions.


Part B: Lubrication of the Hydraulic Pump Splines

Lubricate the hydraulic pump splines in accordance with Eurocopter Service Bulletin

29-00-04, Revision No. 1, dated 27 January 2004, as follows:


1. Within the next 110 hours or 6 months, whichever occurs first, unless already

accomplished; and

2. Subsequently, at repeat intervals of 110 hours or 6 months, whichever occurs



Authorization: For Minister of Transport B. Goyaniuk Chief, Continuing Airworthiness

Contact: Mr. Bill Taylor, Continuing Airworthiness, Ottawa, telephone (613) 952-4366, facsimile (613) 996-9178 or e-mail taylorw@tc.gc.ca or any Transport Canada Centre.

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Yeah, no guff ####, there's no way you can go more than a 100hrs without greasing those stupid splines!!!

I still say that pump should've been gear driven in the first place and instead of installing that friggin Poly-V belt mod, the operators should be changing the hydraulic oil and filter every 100hrs instead.

The new belt won't help you if you spring a leak or if your fluid is full of crap or ice crystals (apparently, the fluid temperature doesn't rise above 0 degrees celsius when operating in cold weather).

Anyways, just me ranting again!!


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Hey guys,


Since I'm not working off a base with an A-star any more and my Eurocopter CD is a little out of date I was wondering what the latest times are for greasing the splines and changing the oil.


If I read my old CD correctly, which is unlikely, it says to change the oil every 2500 hr or 4 years.





From the PRE - Master Servicing Recommendations


MET 2500 H * // 4 Y

Drain and fill.

No tolerance on this interval.

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