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Stealing A Guy's Refuelling Gear...now That's About As Low As It Gets

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WTF....a drum of fuel in an emergency maybe....but not the pump gear!

You want to stop this.....report the theft of potentially life saving equipment to the RCMP and have the thief charged.

If this goes unchallenged then he / she (they) will continue with an uncertain outcome for the next crew...which could be you!!

Possibly even loss of life.

Or even better, a little "Bush Justice" when the theif is found out...and he will...he won't be able to keep his mouth shut.

What if they didn't have enough fuel to continue.

This could have turned into a very expensive S&R mission.

Lowlife f*#k'n scum.

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All things usually come around....one day a long time ago I saw our competiion looking at the side of their jetranger and the AME taping over the fuel cap...later asked what happened and the ame said the pilot lost the fuel cap....I found it in the spring,,,at our fuel cache,,,,,still have the cap....



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So was the gear actually stolen for sure? I'd hate to assume and then be wrong in the end. However, if in fact it was taken; Karma has the most interesting ways of paying one back for such retarded actions. I wish no harm on this person, but a swift boot in the a** would be fitting!


Everybody fly safe...

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How do you know it's the same cap?



Don't know is same cap, but thought about asking whether it was would have compromised what good relations we had with most of their crews and thought that would let it slide,,,,but really, the idea that two jetrangers losing their fuel caps, one at the competitions fuel cache and some one from another company stealing fuel from our cache 100 feet away a little too much cooinkydink doncha? He knows he stole fuel and I know he stole the fuel and that little info has helped me in dealing with his ethics afterthat so was worth the price of a little fuel.



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Guest plumber
Glass houses.....





I've met Scully a few times. I wouldn't think he has anything to worry about in ethics.


You might want to take your own advice.


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