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Stealing A Guy's Refuelling Gear...now That's About As Low As It Gets

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So was the gear actually stolen for sure? I'd hate to assume and then be wrong in the end. However, if in fact it was taken; Karma has the most interesting ways of paying one back for such retarded actions. I wish no harm on this person, but a swift boot in the a** would be fitting!


Everybody fly safe...


The refuelling gear was in a vynil bag with company name labelled clearly on the front. If some one accidently grabbed it or thought it was forgotten, they haven't contacted us.

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I've met Scully a few times. I wouldn't think he has anything to worry about in ethics.


You might want to take your own advice.



Only a few times? I suggest you might want to refrain from commenting on that which you obviously have no idea. Mr. Skullcap has been around an awfully long time.


Just saying, one needs to be careful about condemning others... take it for what it's worth.


Too bad about the refueling gear though.



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yes am sure was a mistake, just as we had stolen from various locations near tumbler ridge one summer;


a 4 ft step ladder.

survival kit and first aid kit out of cabin

20 lb fire extinguisher

120 long line


And from the airport at ft fraser had over $6000 worth of spares and 6 drums of jet fuel with the helicopter parked beside,,,









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I have visions of the scene with Dan Ackroyd and John Candy arguing over the bag of refueling gear just like they did beside the garbage truck in that movie


Any one who has seen the movie Canadian Bacon can imagine what i'am talkin about.





Let's Hope this is what really happened at least we could still have faith that another operator is not the culprit.


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