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Stealing A Guy's Refuelling Gear...now That's About As Low As It Gets

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Guest Bullet Remington
One of our pilots who is currently working in Northern Quebec had his refuelling gear stolen from a remote fuel cache last week (by another operator). When he arrived at his cache, he was surprised to find his refuelling gear gone and a nice fresh set of Skid prints in the sand. .


Ok I've left this alone for a while 9 except my little knicker twister in the Marketplace Forum.


Everybody's be yapping out what a pile of Shyte the person and/or person proporting to have stolen the gear is/are.


HOWEVER, I've gone back and read the original post ( partially quoted herein) AND I have a few questions. Firstly, it has been clearly stated that this PNH ( pilot NOT having) was operating in the bush (Northern Quebec) - so he/she was out on a contract. And from the statement quoted above, was refueling from a fuel cache. The poster also stated that the gear was LEFT at the fueling cache!


Now maybe things have changed in the past couple of years, when the fueling gear when placed into a machine for a contract, STAYED with the machine. UNLESS the machine was fuelling from a cache where the engineer or a ramp rat employed by the company was lurking around.


So my question is, why was the fueling gear left at the fuel cache? Should it not have been put back in the machine and stayed with the machine? What would he/she have done had the situation dictated that he couldn't make it back to this fuel cache and he had to divert to somebody else's due to crappy weather? How would he have refuelled??


While I agree that scooping someone else's gear is a pretty low act, I am also amazed that anybody out on a contract would leave fueling gear at an unmanned fuel cache! the gear SHOULD have been put back in the machine, if not at the end of the refueling process, PRIOR to return to main base. Personally, I want to see it in the machine, UNLESS I'm at the fuel cache or the machine is refueled by me at the main base of operations/staging area!


I don't know the PNH in this case, but as far as I'm concerned, he should have to pay for the refueling gear! Next time he won't leave it unaccompanied!

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Sorry but I have to run with this. I am not condoning the act of thievery HOWEVER....now remember this is just a quote....


[after discovering Private Pyle's unlocked footlocker]

"Gunnery Sergeant Hartman: If it wasn't for dickheads like you, there wouldn't be any thievery in this world, would there? "


In other words...Don't leave it behind or laying around for someone to steal if you don't want it stolen. There are A55holes everywhere in every line of work lets not make it easy for them.


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Guest Bullet Remington
Why are you rationalizing the actions of a thief?

He needs to be fixed so that he never flys again.

Like to see this sorta scum get caught stealing in Saudi....they now how to deal with thieves




Huh?? I'm NOT rationalizing anything! For any given reaction, there are are parameters that have to be met. In this case had the gear NOT been left at the cache but put back in the machine WHERE IT BELONGS, the gear wouldn't have been missing and we wouldn't be having this discussion. My question: Why are you justifing the actions/inactions of an idiotic pilot? ( That's an assumpstion, in that I don't personally know the specific driver!) However, assuming I had to base my opinion upon his actions/inactions , as they apply in this case, I think the statement would be a fair assessement. :P


Again, I'm NOT making light of the fact the gear was scooped, I am questioning the rational behind all you (again I'm assumming) driver's who condone the fact that the referenced pilot, LEFT THE FREAKIN GEAR at an unmanned fuel cache. There is no requirement, no necessity and no reason for the gear to be left, other then the fact the driver didn't want to have to pull it out and put it away repeatedly. Maybe the driver scooping it did the same thing himself? Left his gear somewhere else so he scooped somone elses?? Either way, I agree he has to be "fixed

as you say. having said that, and based upon the reactive posts of the others on this subject, there'sa freakin truck load of drive's that need to be fixed. :rolleyes:;)


here's a point to consider, You referenced this individual as Scum?? Not sure about you, but based upon my experience in this business (and that's around 35 years) scum is like cream. If it's mixed with a liquid, sooner or later, over time it will rise and sit at the top of the liquid! <_<


To sumarize, from my position the pilot is responsible to ensure that the re-fuelling equipment is in the aircraft when he goes out on contract. He is responsible for refuelling the machine at a cache and/or whenever he stops for fuel, he is ultimately responsible. AND, leaving fuelling gear at an unmanned fuel cache, over night or at any time is NOT being responsible as far as I'm concerned. If he's that flippant about my gear, why would I expect him to be responsible for my machine?? My customers and my contract??


Looks to me he wasn't taking responsibility for his actions and is looking to blame somebody else. But Hey, I'm NOT a fling Wing driver!! What the heck do I know??? :D:D:P

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