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212 Down Near Lytton

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I've had many laughs with Bob in the past and over the past couple of weeks in Lillooet. I wished him well the morning of the accident and would never imagine the day ending this way. My thoughts are with his family and his co workers who were mostly there, aswell as the crews still in Lillooet dealing with the tragedy. Thanks Mike for your efforts.


Fly safe everyone.


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I just left the Lillooet fires on Thursday for crew change and was shocked to hear about this yesterday. I did not get the oppertunity to talk alot with Bob but he seemed to be a very nice guy. My deepest simpathy to his family and friends and to Bruce and Ian. I can only hope that everyone else stays safe out there. R.I.P Bob



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So sad to read about this accident.


Bob was a classmate in the 1976/77 group of students at Niagara Helicopters and unfortunately, not the first one lost while flying. He was a 'one of kind' individual back then, and I'm sure he'll be missed by everyone who knew him.


Sincere condolences to his family,


( Aug 14.....****, we lost another helicopter pilot on the same date last year.......)


Still hoping....





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Sincere condolences to all left behind. And still maintaining hope as we have all seen miracles occur.


I just want to take this opportunity to say one thing:


I don't know if Bob was wearing a life jacket or not, but I really want to encourage the wearing of same if guys are out bucketing. Years ago when I would be fishing with my Dad, all there was available in the way of PFD's was the big ol' "keyhole" kind, or the vest with the straps, which are so bulky hand clapping is tough.

When I started flying all there was (at least supplied by the company(s)) were the "Mae West" type, that were obviously designed by the Marquis du Sade in one of his lighter moments. Technology has changed and there are now great vest style PFDs that are so comfortable to wear you'll find yourself in the pub at night with people wondering if you're afraid of falling off the sundeck.

I find it hard to fathom why CARs allows people to bucket without wearing one as the chances of getting out of an aircraft in the water and grabbing your life jacket on the way out are slim to none. I think the law needs to be changed, but in the meantime, everybody should lobby their companies to provide the proper equipment, or buck up the couple hundred bucks themselves as a cheap insurance policy.


Let's hope for a miracle today, and my thoughts are with Bob's family and friends.



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