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212 Down Near Lytton

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It is at least a (sad) comfort, that the finding of Bob may bring a bit of closure to this tragic accident.


Sincere condolences and well wishes to all the family, friends and also those enlightened in having met Bob.


Another brother lost......but doing what he surely loved........to fly .


Bob Kellie

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I am not a pilot, however have faught fire for 26 years in this province, flown numerous hours with a lot of you folks.....


Thank you, for what you do and how you do it.....


I have never had the pleasure of meeting Cowboy Bob, but I think he is cut from the same cloth as most of you....


Thank you for getting my sorry butt off of mountains and home every time....When I was just in Kelowna they had a big sign "Thank You FireFighters".......WE can not do our job without you....


Yoou guys do not hear it enough..."Thank You !!!"....

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Guest Bullet Remington
Condolences to Bob's family, friends, and colleagues. You're in our thoughts tonight. Take care...


Dick Mitten



Ditto. I couldn't say anything else better! Met Cowboy years ago at GSH. A good man! A big loss to the industry. Thoughts go out to Elbow River folks as well!

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