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Warbird/northern Lights Crash

Guest graunch1

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Guest graunch1

There was a take-off crash last year of a Hawker Hunter owned by Northern Lights in Montreal. A friend of mine was the pilot and perished in the ensuing crash. The NTSB has released the initial accident report that shows - in my opinion- a prime example of the Dirty Dozen list of Human Factor errors.

Another one of those preventable accidents :angry:

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Every pilot and mechanic should read this report, slowly and often.


I have seen this same senario over and over.


It is always about the money, and time limits to get it done.


It is always the pilot who pays the ultimate price when outside influnces lead him / her to attempt the sometimes impossible.


I wish I had all the money back that I have spent in air fares that were lost due to not making booked flights because I cancelled ferry flights for mechanical or weather related problems.


My last episode in North Weald England was a perfect example of attempting to push the envelope from all corners to get it done because of money and time limits.


The bottom line is clear......... the pilot has the final authority and responsibility for the decision to fly, and you had better know what you are doing or you won't live long in the ferry business.


CD and CTD should have a real hard look at this accident and then read my comments and make note of how I handled a similar senario just a few weeks ago.


Yes, when I refused to fly someone is going to lose a **** of a lot of money.


But no one died.


Transport Canada may have been sucessful in preventing me from owning and operating a flight school due to political considerations defending some of their own employees who should be kicked out of aviation forever, but I would suggest that the " industry " examine how I perform as a pilot / mechanic and how my decision making process works.............


Quite frankly these accidents make me want to just crawl in a hole and never come out, how sad that people keep making the same mistakes, over and over.


Maybe it is time that someone have a real good look at the other side of this issue and write about those of us who can not be intimidated into making the wrong decisions, regardless of the pressure.


Chuck Ellsworth

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