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Halo Vs Stars

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Quoted from a Medicine Hat news article.


"A new helicopter at STARS Air Ambulance might be bigger, faster and have the range to travel into southeastern Alberta, but according to the MedicAir Society it isn’t fast enough.

“It doesn’t matter what the range is, it’s the length of time it takes to get here,” said society chair Gerry Gaede.

MedicAir’s rescue helicopter HALO is forecast to suspend operations September 15 and is currently attempting to secure the $800,000 needed to run the service annually."


In my opinion I believe that VTOL EMS should maintain a fleet of many widley dispersed (servicing smaller areas) light/medium helicopters working efficiently with fixed wing EMS to provide timely response.


Also remember that with a larger range, this also increases the out of service time for other missions.


Shouldn't these longer legs be left to the fixed wing EMS so that the helicopter can be readied for the next call.



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