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Don't you have those dayglo orange ones? That's what we used in Gander last year :D:D :up:


By the way G-1, you should see the bird im making right now! Its the Checkerbird from 441 Sqn. (actually you'd like a picture of that one RDM!)



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Will do there Steathy, actually why don't you post a few for us. Oh, sorry forgot, your that old yer still using that old polaride thingy. :blink: :up:



have the coffee on, see you at 11.

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It's full-on winter in these hills....Check this link if you miss snow ....follow the links to the "Mountain Cameras" at Kicking Horse Mountain Resort


You-All be carefull down there FireHawk, remember that them good-old-boys shoot at Bambi buckets in them woods, HuH !

Send us Pictures!

Are you going to get to Tuscon and tour the Grave-yard of B-29's etc at Davis-Monthan AFB?


Which ride do you have? AHL/409KA or that heavy P.O.S. YAA ?

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