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350 Power Graph Magic

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:huh: Don't you just love graphs with a half-a..ed description of how to use the darned thing????



Yep it's been a while since my conversion, can anyone please explain in a simple manner how to use this graph???


some numbers for ref;



palt 3500, oat 20c, 68tq, tot 690c, ng 96%, nr 390


3300, 24, 64, 680, 96, 390





:up: thanks


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Which model as the B model graph is different. Also, if you have sand filter or inlet protection advise.


It is not a user friendly graph but will help if you look at the example and try to make your marks accordingly, also when you think you have it sorted out throw in some numbers that will make the graph go to one extreme or another, it helps to show the way the graph works.


Plotted your numbers with BA manual with no restrictions on intake and is correct although the second set of numbers is just barely ok. But you should be doing your checks at max continuous, either Q, Ng, or(unlikely) T4.(If you do hit a t4 limit prior to others you need to have maintenance check it out, as is not allowed)


Will give a version for BA.


1)Start at bottom and intersect torque and rotor rpm, go straight up to next chart block.


2)Follow on parallel angle to diagonal lines to altitude and mark this intersection and draw a line vertical to top of page(you will come back to this later)


3) Now go to top chart block and take oat and go to NG FIRST then(and heres the tricky part) go to the line which seperates CORRECT from INCORRECT, you must do this by going either straight up or straight down. Once at this line draw a line horzontal to intersect the vertical line from 2) above. This final intersection is where you tell if correct of incorrect.


The distance from the line is your only way of measuring how good or bad your engine is. Normal engine with no intake resrictions are usually the same distance from the correct line as where the dark dot marked P located from their expample.


Hope it helps.


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