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Heli Conference On The Great Barrier Reef

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Gentlemen, and I use that term loosely.


I am in the process of arranging, with two other companies, a global helicopter industry symposium at Hamilton Island on the Great Barrier Reef, and want some feedback from you all as to what sort of seminars would interest you.


If you could post your reply and say what seminars would attract you, as an owner, Chief Pilot, operator, line pilot, Dir of Ops, Dir of Maintenance etc it would be very helpful and appreciated as we are finalising the itinerary now. The conference is going to cover all segments of the industry including both operations side and maintenance side.


It is going to be in July of 2005 and will be strictly seminars and no trade stands or displays etc. Thanks for your input and appreciate any and all responses.


Heli Ops

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How bout a seminar in how to achieve funding to attend seminars.


Just kidding. Could do one on diplomatic relations, I know I'd sign up, sorry kidding again.


A seminar dealing with the relationship between upper management operations and maintenance together would be interesting. Many of these seminars segregate maintenance from operations and should try to integrate them more to enlighten one another and encourage more communications, and team effort between the two. And would be nice to have the larger companies participate as the smaller one don't really have these problems-for instance talking to myself is apparently unhealthy, though sometimes I disagree. :wacko::wacko:


sc :up:

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Guest graunch1

July!!! Why not January?? It would be nice to get away from the cold. B)


Perhaps you could add a Human Factors Course that mandated Sr. Executive attend as well as the "workin'" folks

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HAMILTON ISLAND!!! ya baby........


the sitting on a stool with a squirt gun in your hand was the seminar i kinda remember attending last time i was in that neck of the woods!!!! :P:P


seriously, someone want to pay my way? i would be honored to represent your interests!! :D:D


and heli ops...before you get riled...remember you said..........


"Thanks for your input and appreciate any and all responses.


Heli Ops"



:up: :up: :up:

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The two not so thinly-veiled points that have already popped out are that:


1. It costs a bundle to get 'down under' from northerly America, so a great focus would be getting preferential airline fares :D ; and


2. As I know you're aware, July is smack dab in the middle of the northerly America operating season, and any helicopter stalwart worth his salt is going to be busy as billy-be-damned at that time (and, besides, isn't it the ugly season down there? :down: ).


If (M.F. BIG IF!) the basic idea is good, considering the way we types like to sponge off the manufacturers and our biggest suppliers at gatherings, what degree of likelihood do you calculate there is for folk from the most heavily populated helicopter region to travel away during their best weather and strongest activity, at largely uncompensated high cost? :wacko:


i.e. I think your best bet would be to try it during the northern hemisphere's less busy season, and in a locale less expensive for travel and other costs. Anyway - my thoughts. B)

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Elvis - Good points and we are working with Qantas to get some very good fares from the US West Coast and coupled with their partner airlines, from anywhere in the US and Canada. That way it will make it affordable for the average pilot.


One option we have is to look at doing the conference in May which is before the season gets going up there. Let me know if you think that time frame would work better.


So far we have got approx 35 different seminars lined up and hope to have a total of about fifty by the time the conference is squared away. We are working to make it one of those must attend events, which is why feedback from you, and others in this forum is important in giving the industry what they want.


Heli Ops

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One thing I forgot to mention and that is that the registration fee is going to cover all seminars, breakfast, lunch and dinners, and all booze drunk at the functions. The accommodation package will also be very very reasonable.


So please respond on which would work best, May or August.




Heli Ops

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Ned, great idea. However, May is the beginning of fire season. I feel you would get more support for a late Oct through early Dec conference. The later in the northern autumn the better for those further south (read the Excited States). If you try for the spring, many are very busy hiring, and training for the upcoming summer season. Airfares to down under are usually at their lowest as well. You can get a return ticket for less than $1,000 YVR to Brisbane. If Qantas won't give you a decent deal, try Air New Zealand, or Japan Airlines. They are the 2 who are consistantly the lowest to Aus from Canada. Our family choice is Japan, since they fly directly into Brisbane.


My thoughts


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