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Low Level Lr By Cybw

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Icefields has a sightseeing tour operation set up near there out by the casino west of CYBW - I wonder if it could be them?



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I disagree with hoverintowind and picapart. I often wonder what a machine is doing when i see one.

Maybe i haven't been in the indsutry long enough to not care.



Me too. I always go out and look and wonder whats up when something flies over.




35 years in the biz and 12000 hours.



Go figure. My wife says when quit doing that I can retire.




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Thanks guys...I've been looking up at every aircraft fixed or fling for at least thirty years. It wasn't one of the casino machines, and certainly not alpine. It was white and beige, with a bubble on the left side.

Low tight orbits near the transcanada and later near bragg creek did get my attention. I don't really care who as much as I was curious what they were up to.



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