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RCMP helicopter removed from N.B. sandbar after emergency landing


TABUSINTAC, N.B. (CP) - An RCMP helicopter forced to make an emergency landing on a sandbar off northeastern New Brunswick, was removed by barge on Monday.


It could be a week before investigators know what caused the aircraft to shake violently just before the pilot set it down late Saturday. Three officers aboard were not injured.


The helicopter was brought ashore and will be checked over for damage and the source of the mechanical failure.


The chopper went into service just last fall, replacing one that had been in use for 25 years.


It's still under warranty.

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Ya you're right 407, your trusty and "reliable" Bell 407 has never had "issues" like t/r or m/r contacting the tail boom or a bunch of AD's concerning the tail rotor drive shaft and it also never left tourists stranded on top of a mountain in Canmore cause it wouldn't start, right!????


Sorry, I just had to jab ya with this one! :up:


In case you hadn't noticed, I friggin hate Bell LongRangers in all their shapes or forms!!!

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WHAT? you think the 407 is "just a longranger" ?

Well, Bell told me that this aircraft is "new, from the ground up" I'm going to have to look in to this new and shocking allegation. :D:D:D '


You gotta admit though, those old L's served the RCMP reliably and safely for a lot of years, Sure, they may only have had one passenger on board, and gone 100 kts, but they did it reliably :D


You talk about L's like most of the crew at CHW did, nobody liked them. Of course, If I had to lease one from Bickerstaff, I may feel the same way?


Since I arrived at the red team, we're surrounded by L's, and I think that they're great, but that's a whole other topic, gotta keep focused on topic here, you know <_<

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this is getting retarded! every time someone gets on this forum with something to do with aircraft it starts a pi$$ing match about whose machines are better. i can't imagine a more "schoolyard" way of wasting everyone elses time. who really gives a #### who likes to drive a chevy instead of a ford?

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You're correct Shaggy.

One thing that you're missing though is the seriousness of the pokes....rather than take it as serious, remember, this is a bunch of guys who generally know and have worked with each other over the years, so some of it is just plain old fun ragging on each other.

Every aircraft has it's place, every operator has their preferences. it would be a different country if we all showed up on a fire with ....say....all Mi-8's :D (not that they are bad )


If you want a serious forum that only deals with real issues, it sounds fairly boring to me. PPrune is more like that, not much fun there.


game on :blink:

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Take a friggin pill Shaggy, we're just foolin around, tryin to keep things a little lively while expressing our opinions! Lighten up already!!!! :up: :up:

By the way 407, for the record, as far as I'm concerned, a 407 is no more than an L3 with bubble doors, 2 extra blades and a computerized C30 and they still suck from a maintenance point of view just like any other Longranger on the planet. Those things are by far the most maintenance unfriendly helicopters I've ever come across!!!!

Yours truly,

Jetbox :up: :up:

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