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205 Fuel Prob Versus Low Fule Indicator..

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Thanks JL it was the flapper valve. and your scenario is exactly what I diagnosed the issue as myself...prolonged forward flight the fuel all transfers forward, but in short hops or long-lining the fuel has time to level itself out..the valve was not shimmed at all, along with the rubber been deteriorated along the hing area....the ejector pump and line were checked and are clean....putting it back together today..recal and go flying....

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It hasn't happened to me...... but I heard from others that when your tank runs out of fuel.....there is no more flow and therefore the Boost Pump lite activates......just before the Engine Out lite, the Low Rotor horn and lite etc. etc.........AAAARGH !!


Thank goodness we are in a 212 and that other engine will save our arses !!!!! Ha Ha Ha.

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