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Boy, don't I feel (ahem) stupid! I was having owner confusion. Was thinking of Mr. Dunn, owner of Quasar, not THQ. Doh, sorry! It was Mr. Lachapelle, of course! That is such an interesting company timeline, Jacdor...and I appreciate your efforts! It's really too bad more hasn't been written about these operators specifically, from an historical standpoint (at least none that I could find anyway) and that time period of Canadian heli aviation. If anyone ever does find any reading, I'd love to know!


Sorry for the temporary detour, CFXFX! I wish you all the best in gettin' back into that T if so desired! :rolleyes:



This is the shirt Mr. Dunn would have worn.....


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Matagami Ready Mix

Matagami Transport

Trans Quebec Helicopters

Trans Maritime Helicopters

Golfe Helicopters ( Sept-Isles )

Trans-Canada ( Overhaul Shop )

Trans- Canada Helicopters

Trans-Am Helicopters - joint venture with Richy Rasmunsen (SP?) after Shirley went belly up.


For a while there was Atlantic Helicopters that had a H-21 Flying Banana (( that never flew ) just to keep the charter) The helicopter is now a chip stand at the Lachute Airport - the CAF slung it in from Les Cedres with a Chinook.


There were also a lot of other little companies that owned various helicopters, the hangar, the furniture ect.


Helicogestion ( Helicopter Management Services ) which provided "management" and charged the other companies for their services.


It was a tangled web!


Geeze we had fun!


Do you mean Lachute Quebec?

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LaChute PQ it is - I believe it is still there.



I've taken my kids out there dirt biking a few times and never seen it. I'll ask around next time.



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Last I heard of him he had imported a 50s Ford from Oz in a container full of F28 parts for Canadian Regional. They were not amused........ Think he is in Saskatoon now days.


Lots interesting stories and webs about him even after the helicopter stories..

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