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Let them talk...I always liked the "Keep Em Guessing" ideology anyway. :rolleyes:


Camp life??? :blink:


And now I'm an "advanced member" <_< kinda makes me feel all warm and fuzzy! :P

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Chevy 11 :


What kind of aerial application do you use a GPS tool for?


Can GPS refresh fast enough to give accurate position and direction doing fast turns?


Is it for forestry with long runs?


When I did Ag work ( both fixed and rotary ) we used our eyeballs to judge the swath width and direction of the runs.


Mind you that was mostly doing farm work and there was always some object that we could use as a fix to start the next run, such things as weeds in a fence line, different fence posts, trees and such things as used condoms on the road or any other item that our exceptional eyesight could identify.


I did fly some very large fields where we sometimes used a flagman, but generally we flew tight turns and used our eyes to fly accurate runs.


For forestry work such as conifer release spraying with 245T we sometimes had red baloons on the corners of the blocks to be sprayed.


However you have to take into consideration that was way back in the days of the wooden ships and the iron men. :up:


I am now semi retired and slipping into the realm of senility so maybe my recollect is fuzzy.


But I think that was the way we did it. :D


Reverend Chas W.

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Hey CW:

The type of aerial application I'm referring to is conifer release.


The ag nav I's had a horrible refresh rate which likened itself to an etch-a-sketch... :wacko:


The ag nav II's refresh rate is adequate but lags somewhat on smaller cut up blocks. In this neck of the woods the long runs end up in the hands of the stiff wing guys. <_<


I believe there was supposed to be a newer version released but after a brief search was unable to find any info.


Had hoped for some input from other users, but no dice :down:

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