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Montreal Gran Prix

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barrichello said it best "very amateur move"...... :down:


i was quite impressed with sato's drive to that point. ahh well, learn from your mistakes eh?


and quite true there JBC.... RED RULES!! :up: :up:


as far as villeneuve and blown engines?? well i didn't see BAR up on the podium much last year...........

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I've just started watching F1, and have become hooked!!!


It beats the sh$$ out of watching them moonshiners going around in circles with the chevy's and dodges. :D


How much longer can m. schumacker and the Ferrari's dominate like that?


Anyways, I've mentioned this before. What would you guys think about tricking out a couple of 500's and having mile long drags? Rich man's sport of course. :down: Bet people would pay to see that. :up:


Also, amongst all the types of machines, which one would you guys pick to come out on top in a mile long drag - respecting limits of course!!! B)



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