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Ok, Who Did It?


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repo pilot.


"Right now the warehouse is overflowing thanks to his most ambitious job to date: "stealing" a fleet of 240 corporate helicopters from a chain of flight schools for a tidy six-figure fee. Nevada-based Silver State was one of the country's fastest growing companies, mainly because its owner Jerry Airola was constructing a pyramid scheme as tall as the Cheops. When everything collapsed, Popovich was hired to retrieve 240 copters from 51 locations around the country. In 24 hours, Nick and his 125-member crew had to change the locks at all 51 Silver Star schools, then move in 125 flatbeds to haul not only the copters but everything else they could carry -- furniture, spare parts, computers, simulators."










Must be a good business right now.

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"You move another inch and I'll blow your f***ing head off," the gravel-and-nicotine voice told Popovich.


"Well, you better go ahead and shoot, 'cause I'm grabbing that plane."


A shot was discharged in the air.


The gravel-and-nicotine voice again. "I'm not kidding."


"Then do it already."


Popovich's first rule of firearms is pretty simple: The man who tells you he's going to shoot you will not shoot you. So without so much as looking back, he got on the plane and flew it right to Chicago. "My job is to grab that plane," Popovich says. "And if you haven't paid for it, then it's mine. And I don't like to lose."





What a quality guy he seems to be!

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Guest Bullet Remington
It will be found/confiscated deep in the Wash State woods by the DEA in a day or two. :o




Nah, I've met some of those DEA dudes. :huh::huh: In a week or two, maybe, but not a couple of days!! ;);)

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From the news files... now this is something you do not hear every day.


Thief takes off with bright-yellow chopper in broad daylight


After the first news of the heist in Sweden, I thought this is where it was used, but not so:

Swedish helicopter heist takes off with loot


Not only a different paint job, but also a different model...

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