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Got The Munchies

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Hey guys,


Another tidbit from TC.




July 26, 2000

CAR 602.01

14 days licence suspension


A commercial helicopter pilot operating a Bell 206 landed close to a general store and gas station. He was fined for having operated the helicopter in a reckless manner.



Who hasn't landed next to a store for a snack once in a while. If you haven't had pie at Mae's Kitchen you're missing out!! Unless this driver was truly being a bone head than the TC inspector sure as **** was!




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Sounds like there might be more to the story. Was this store right downtown Hong-coover?


I landed in Salmon Arm one stormy afternoon in the picnic area adjacent to the Best Western parking lot. Greeted by a carload of RCMP just in having lunch. They didn't mind and said they would drop by throughout the evening to check on the old girl.


Beats waiting hours for the taxi that never goes to the airport.



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how about in the median of the alaska highway in the middle of ft. st. john? walked over to mcdonalds. rcmp drove up and asked what i was doing.


i said i was going through the "fly-through"!! :up: :up:


good ol' Mae's...yup, i remember them pies...... :up: :up:

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This was over 20 years ago in St. Anthony Newfoundland on the seal hunt. It was not uncommon to have 5 helicopters parked in front of your room with extension cords running into the heaters. Three 500's close in and a couple of longrangers a little further out. By the way that is the "late great" Frank Carnie of Universal fame seen on the right. Frank was an outstanding pilot/engineer who died 20 years ago in that very tragic 214 crash near Argentia. Sorry for the photo quality. It’s an old pic and the scanner is not the best.






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Used to land in front of the Wawa Motor Hotel,Wawa Ont back in the early 70s.Pluged the heaters in to keep her warm.Had a fun pub and very good food.The winter I was there Fiat was cold weather testing the then new Fiat X-19.What a fun crew they were.


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