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Canadian Helicopters Loses $10.3-million Contract With U.s. Air Force

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Hold on everyone........


I've got the popcorn popping, and getting out my chair and cooler for a front row seat!!!


OK, I am ready now, start the fireworks.....



You got a seat for me



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Hey I walked up hilll 40 miles in the snow in barefeet, converting Oxygen to CO2 the whole way, in the dark, in July just to get to the shoebox that we called school and then the teacher beat us until we were dead. So don't tell me I know nothing about something because I know something about nothing. :P:D:lol:

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Um, you may want to tell the 61 crew based there about that.... The sites aren't IN YFB, but they have to come home each night, no?


well we sure wanted to come home every night, but as the guys who actually worked the job know, sometimes that didn't happen :P


There were many a dark and stormy night I sure wished I was still Outwest Blackmac, but after 3 years there I did just that.


Not sure if JP, BB or LG has the record for the longest serving crew member in YFB. Hats off to all the guys who have provided a safe service over the years with my favorite old girl.

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You forgot slinging IMC and using the radar to paint the buildings on the airport or the floats in the harbour to land in WOXOF. Wheeeeee.


Still thats where I learned to fly IFR and most of the lessons are still with me.


The good ones that is.


We used to have a fair bit of mid-winter fun doing that stuff up in the Pat Bay area, too!

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Harvey Easton (RIP) flew into Tuk one day in the PCSP 204B (Autair), low on fuel, ice fog at the airport with only the beacon tower sticking up thru, lined up the runway and autorotated thru it and did a perfect landing on floats.


For your added info I was in YFB in 1956 on the back of an icebreaker on the way to Hall Beach leading an armada of ships with construction material.


I wrote the original contract on behalf of the US DOD/DND with Canadian Helicopters and recommended an S61 for range purposes as the B212 would have to autorotate from 10k ft

to make it on empty tanks, even with aux tanks.


So, as somebody else said let the fun begin.




PS: PCSP was operating from YFB and TUK since the early sixties and Autair Helicopters held the contract most of the time. The Beaufort experts came along much later.


First of all...If the story about Harvey is true, he was truely a hero (you forgot the part about the child on board that was going to die if they didn't get medical help). I don't see the connection between the ILS in CYFB and a scarey auto in CYUB?


Second... if your knowledge of the NWS is so extensive, way make such a B.S. statement to Outwest? You were obviously just been confrontational.

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Nope, it's wholly owned by Luc Pillon, a French-Canadian guy from Ontario.


And anyway, American companies are not allowed to provide 703/704 services in Canada.


It would sure be nice to know if their origin is south of the boarder, because Canada is asking for an exemption from the "buy American" program, which might have played a part in this contract.

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