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Dave Williamson

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Hey, Bullet. Yes, I totally understand Dave's unwillingness to visit The Wall and attend funerals/memorial services. It was gut-wrenching and he preferred to remember pals just the way he remembered them, full of life, love, laughter and good times. Oddly enough, he did comment about a year ago that perhaps it was time to go. I told him I'd meet him there for moral support whenever he was ready. Unfortunately, he just never got the chance. I imagine he has a great view of it now, and better yet, a wonderful reunion with all of them, including some pretty cool 'Murican comrades, too. He was pretty sure they'd make him buy the first round. I'm so sorry for your loss, too. I know you loved 'im. No one grieves alone. ;) xoxo



As you can imagine, Dave's family is so busy dealing with overwhelming loss, emotion and planning that the date previously posted is incorrect. Dave's service, internment and reception will be held on Saturday, October 10th. All of the rest of the information posted previously still stands. Please do accept apologies for any inconvenience with travel plans.

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Dave, you made my green days in the north very interesting to say the least. I'm happy to have known you and I'll always remember you as Canada's oldest serviceable pilot flying Canada's oldest serviceable helicopter. Sorry I won't be in winnipeg, but my last memory of you is the way I'd like to keep it.

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Farewell CAP, I only got to work with you once but it was memorable... hoisting the truck onto a mountain in Cape Breton. Flying to work out of our motel in your 205 was awesome.

We are both from Hfx and started flying around the same time and it was very interesting hearing your stories about those days.



I found Dave's obituary here:









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Cap, you slippery old bugger, you left without letting me know. I should have suspected, when you stopped answering my emails, that something out of the normal was afoot. Knowing you, I'm sure you just didn't want to lay your troubles on me, but bud, that's what friends are for!


I'm going to boot your butt when I catch up to you, which won't likely be too long now. I remember our first meeting at OHL, YUL and many more to follow - not to mention Lansdowne House and Tuk. We slung some loads, some stories and some glasses, old pal, and I'll miss you. Listen to the good shepherd, Dave (I know that's where you are because you couldn't help so many and NOT be there). Hope I see you there, pal. Rest well, you deserve it.


Terry Jones


Tree, thanks much for the obit link.

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I first met Dave when I was assigned to the OKanagan Chetwynd Base as an Engineer ( about 1977). Terry Mooney was away on Vaction.


I returned to Chetwynd to fly in 79. Dave was the ultimate mentor and I learned a lot from his experience and wisdom.


To Dave's family and friends, I offer my most sincere condolences to this great loss.


The industry has lost a great one !


I broke out my oldest Scotch in memory of you Dave, and as a true Scot, you know how deep that cuts !


To you CAP !





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I first met Dave in Webeque, Ontario in 1990. We had to choose from a few accomodations available and we chose the doctors residence, thinking that it would be the cushiest digs in town. Nice little log cabin clean 3 bedrooms and a loft. We were set up until we went to turn on the taps for some water. Guess what? no plumbing. We made the best of it and managed to use the shower in Bell Canada shack. I never laughed so much in my life sharing digs with Dave and Al Hobbs (RIP) the engineer that I was working with at the time. The laughs got even better after the third day when one of the fixed wing operators brought us a 66 of crown for afterwork treats. Dave and his engineer made Webeque a real fun place. The next time that I ran into him was in Lac La Biche 12 years later and we had even more laughs recounting our stay in Webeque. Dave sure was a lot of fun to be around and I am sure that him and Al are yuking it up right now. My condolences to his friends and all his buddies. Wish I could make it home to Winnipeg to attend his service. I'll be thinking of you tomorrow Dave. Cheers buddy.



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I know we have a rememberance thread.....but I just thought it fitting to acknowledge that passing of Dave (Cap) here in the helicopter ops section.


A long standing and respected aviator in our industry for sure.


Condolences to Dave's surviving family and friends. He was also a big part of our family.....the helicopter industry.


RIP Dave.


Bob Kellie


So long, old friend.

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