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Kodiak Vs Tigernav (dynanav)

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I was hoping if some of my fellow seismic drivers could offer some more insight, feedback and or opinion's on either system.


Pilot interface, navigation screens, screen readability, pilot workload, etc... Differential coverage & accuracy, system servicability and installation, pilot workload while conducting longline operations ? (Drills & Bags) Any genuine feedback would be great, not trying to start a ***** session just looking for an honest opinion from the boyz. ;)


Thanks in advance,



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I have used the Dyna Nav only in the past so its hard to compare. I find it pretty user friendly when set up properly. You need to go through a couple of screens when you boot it up but once you are ready to fly its right there. The co-ordinator can fire you each mission saving you the trouble of finding the bag on the screen. This really helps on the 3D's when you are working across the spread. Tracking gets you to within a meter of your target and once deployed it will take you right back to the spot you dropped it. IE no lost bags. The new screens are great for glare and what not but the older ones are a little sketchy. Never used it for drills but I cant see any problem. Hope this helps.

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Big Duke


I, like Frequent Flyer, have only used the Dyna-Nav, but have talked to some guys who have used the Kodiak system. What I have got out of my conversations is that they are quite similar. The major difference being that you, as the pilot don't have as much control over what you can see on the Kodiak. With the Kodiak coordinator sends you a mission in the order he wants you to carry out that mission, you are then obligated to that mission as set up unless it is changed by the coordinator. The difference with the Dyna-Nav is that the coordinator sends you all of the information you need to do the job. You then organize with him/her what he/she wants done and in what order. This gives you the opportunity to add your input to make things easier and in some cases safer for yourself. All the coordinator is woried about is getting the job done efficiently, how you do it is up to you with the Dyna-Nav.


Consider some situations. You are picking bags with a bag picker. You can lift, lets say 4 bags from an open area but can only vertical out of tall trees with 3. The coordinator asks you to pick a certain rack of 4, but the second bag is the only one in a clearing. With the Dyna-Nav you have the option to pick bags 1, 3 & 4 then go back to bag 2 so you can get that rack of 4. From what I have heard you don't have that option with the Kodiac. Another instance is that of having the option of which direction you pick or lay out in. It is nice to be able to keep yourself as close to into wind as possible and with the Dyna-Nav you have the option of changing direction without a new mission from the coordinator.


I have heard guys say that the Kodiak reduces your workload because you just follow what it tells you to do, but I like having options. I started using the Dyna-Nav with 400 hrs total time (scary hey), but had no problems adapting so I think ease of use and pilot workload isn't much of a factor if a 400 hr pilot can use it. After a couple of years of working seismic the Dyna-Nav is all I have experienced and I have learned to work through some of its excentricities and now appreciate what a good tool it is. Hope this helps. Sorry but I don't have any drill move experience so I am no help there.



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Hey BD,


I have been using both systems for years...The Dynanav is better now that the coordinator can send you missions, crew pickups etc. But I still find it a bit of a pain flipping through screens all the time. It also seems to be more prone to hanging up, and doing things that I didnt tell it to do. Last job I was on I probably did .2 a day flying in circles rebooting the Dynanav. Not to say that it doesnt happen with the Kodak also...but much more often with the Dynanav.


For me the Kodiak is a better system. You can program the keypad to suit your needs(easy to do...just call them up and or read the manual) You can reverse the mission if you want to fly the opposite direction with a single push of a button (contrary to previous post info). You can also skip a bag and come back to it...just select and click(also contrary to previous post). You can also sent a hotpoint (ie helipad location) at anytime with a single push of a button.


For moving bags with the Kodiak it would be nice to get rid of the keypad and go with cyclic/collective interface like the Dynanav has.... less time with hand off the collective. Not so important with a medium as the application will hopefully evolve in a different fashion.....


Screen with the Kodaik is easy to read with the adjustable contrast. I have always found the Dynanav screen hard to see..( maybe I havent seen the new screen mentioned by Frequent flyer?)


For a drill application, I think both systems need a bit of software modification to make them pilot friendly. It would be nice if the coordinator had a way to make the next pick pop up on your screen. Some small computer/UHF gizmo where he could just push "drill 6" and you would be sent there. Maybe the pilot could have a button on the collective to take you back to the previous location (ie, set the drill and push it to return for the compressor....push it again and it would automatically take you to the place you just put the drill) Just need to figure a way to log the point of the actual hole...not the skid, fuel, mag etc.... Could ask the pilot to push a button for the hole location...but what if we forget....surveyor has to be flown in etc. I dont feel that GPS is a replacement for a guy with a flag though. Flags are faster than GPS, but it can sure help you get pointed in the right direction. Now to somehow sell it to drillers! It would speed things up a bit thats for sure....



From my experience the Kodiak provides a lower workload for the driver, less time looking at the screen and more time looking outside...Wires are of course always a concern. I also find it to be more adaptable to suit pilot preferences. Perhaps a revamped manual explaining custom keypad programming etc...avaliable online perhaps? Seems every pilot has a laptop these days....


My two bits worth for ya BD....but nothing you havent experienced yourself I would imagine!


Dmnh :D

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I agree with the sore naked(sorry necked) fella.


Just have to keep in mind that what outside is more important, I still pick landmarks, or count lath and confirm with the nav system. Mark 3 eyeball is hard to beat. Both systems sure make taking over from another pilot nice, no more looking like a goof until you get the lay of the land.


sc :up:

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