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Some Things Never Change

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Hey Mag,


Lets talk about the time when you had all those unshaven hairy treeplanters in your tent...That was a party..( Yes, I told them to shower first)


Hey, I have no beef with Maggies Tailrotor doings!!! He keep me safe for years!!!!



PS... Ask 407 if he is fighting fires yet, or getting plans to build an Arc?????

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Jetbox, the FACTS are that Astars have shed cargo doors, most operators have added some type of auxiliary latch assembly. So tell me why EC doesn't design a cargo door for the B4 that is safe? Same problem, 26 years later ???


I don't recall where the 407's history was included in this thread?


For the record, , I Personally have never lost any parts off of my 407, my company has yet to loose any, and I believe no one in Canada has. To my knowlege, there have been 3 tailboom incidents ( 0 persons killed) worldwide with over 600 aircraft and 1,000,000 + hours.


Was the Astar start-up in 1978 that safe and successful ??????

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407, you are absolutely right abour Astars and cowlings/doors. But they are not the only ones. I seem to recall the 204's needing extra latches, 212's with doors departing in flight (sliding). 212 cross tubes collapsing under me, etc. And you really don't want to go back to 1978 and the introduction of a new type.....remember when the 206 came out, chucking blades. Ask some of the old timers, **** near put Jack and Ted out of business. Aerospat has had it's share of problems, but one thing they seem able to do is keep their blades attached. Bell, Sikorsky, Hiller, Hughes, etc can't say that. Hope everyone has a safe summer

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All correct Outwest.


My only point being this was a thread started about a NEW AD on B4 doors.


Why do the EC hoardes always counter a statement against their product with a 407 tailboom falling off, start a thread about 407 tailbooms departing if you're so inclined....but do some research on it before spouting off too much.

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